05.31.2022 Update [8.9]


Shepherd's Staff 2022 Version (8.9), release 20220531



  • The Vanco giving import has a new “Copy ID” button. It copies the Vanco Giver ID for the selected offering into the Windows clipboard so you can easily paste it into the correct Contributor record in Shepherd’s Staff.



  • When deleting a person who is attached to a joint envelope, the following error would occur: “There is already an open DataReader associated with this Command which must be closed first.” As a result, the name on the envelope was not updated to remove the deleted person’s name.


  • If you chose to delete a person from the People grid, and then changed your mind and answered “No” to the question, it would still remove that person from Contributions if there was no giving/pledging information for that envelope.
  • In Contribution Statements, when including the pledge summary section and you had a long fund name, the pledge date range would get cut off. The pledge dates were showing a four-digit year, so that is now two digits (increasing the available space), and the pledge information now wraps to the next line if needed, instead of getting cut off.



    Added trap to prevent the error, “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” (in the function “ApplyUserSettingsToDataGridViewColumnList”), which occurred in rare cases when opening a module.



  • If you deleted a Contributor (or a joint Contributor) through Membership, the Contributions grids and Contributor Details window did not refresh immediately to show the envelope name change.


  • The list of training videos has been updated.



  • The amounts in the Pledge Mail Merge tool were not formatted with a comma for thousands. Example: An amount of 1234.56 was being formatted as “$1234.56” instead of “$1,234.56”.