The Participation view allows you to search for people based on their participation in various event types over a time frame.  This view gives you information on when these people have last participated in various activities in the life of the church.

Access the Participation view by clicking on the Ministry Tab and choosing "Participation"

In the Participation view, select what filters you want to use.  These filters include:

  • Who - This filter allows you to select from pre-defined groups of people, including Members or Visitors, as well as subgroups and lists/grades.
  • For - This filter allows you to select an age range if you so choose.
  • Participating in - This filter allows you to specify that you are interested in a specific event or activity of the church.  You can select from:
    • Worship
    • Communion
    • Sunday School
    • Giving
    • If you leave all boxes un-checked, it will filter for all of the above.
    • Between - This filter lets you set the date range of your search.

After selecting each filter you would like to use, Shepherd's Staff will automatically use the selected criteria to display the people who meet the criteria of the filters you selected.


  1. Clicking View will take you to the person record of the person you have highlighted in the grid.
  2. If you click Address, the individual's name and mailing address will be copied to the Windows clipboard so you can paste it into a document, spreadsheet, email, etc.
  3. Clicking E-mail will open a window to allow you to send an e-mail to the person in question, as long as their e-mail address is in their record.
  4. Clicking the Subgroup button at the bottom of the window will allow you to create a Static Subgroup based on the names in the grid.
  5. If you click Export, the contents of the grid will be exported to Excel.
  6. Clicking Save will save your selections in My Views so you can come back to it as needed.