Introduction to Touchpoints



Touchpoints in Shepherd's Staff represent when a church contacts a person in an official capacity. This contact can take many different forms, such as a phone call, an email, a face-to-face meeting, or even an interaction on social media. A touchpoint can be for an entire Household, or just one Individual. It can be useful to record these interactions because this lets you more easily keep track of how leadership at your church is engaging your congregation, and furthering the ministry of your church.

There are two classifications of touchpoints in Shepherd's Staff, Planned Touchpoints, and Completed Touchpoints.

» Planned Touchpoints represent interactions that you have planned out in advance. Entering planned touchpoints can be useful to your church because this can represent a schedule of who is going to interact with a particular family, when this will happen, and how this communication will take place.

» Completed Touchpoints represent interactions you have had with a person or household. Entering completed touchpoints can be useful to your congregation because you can say what took place during this interaction, and have records of that in Shepherd's Staff.