Add Planned Touchpoint


Adding a planned touchpoint takes place on the Touchpoints view. You would add a planned touchpoint any time you are planning to contact a person or household in your congregation. 

  1. In the Touchpoints Planned view, click the "Add" button and select if you are entering a Household or Individual touchpoint
  2. Select the Person you are planning the touchpoint for in the person field, as well as entering the planned date and time for the touchpoint.
  3. The category field allows you to select the reason for the touchpoint. You can add additional options by pressing the "Add/Remove an item from the list" button after clicking inside the Category field
  4. The Method field lists what way the touchpoint will take place, such as a face-to-face meeting or email. You cannot add additional options to this field
  5. To be made by says who will be initiating the touchpoint. This is an option field that you can add to by clicking the "Add/Remove an item from the list" button after clicking inside the field.
  6. The Summary field allows you to enter a brief description of what the touchpoint will be for, the Location says where the touchpoint will occur at, and the Mileage tells you how far the person will have to travel (if at all).
  7. If you want to add an additional planned touchpoint, check the "Add multiple?" box.
  8. Click Save.