The Deaths view allows you to record deaths that impact entire households, or just individuals within a given household. By using this view, churches can record details of who might be affected by a death, and then provide the information necessary to help care for these families and individuals.

From this view, you can quickly get contact information on the affected individual or household, the name of the deceased and their relationship to the individual or household. The deaths view can be searched using the search bars at the top of the grid using the standard search conventions.

In addition to being able to add, edit and delete information on deaths, you can also copy an individual or household's address by selecting their significant death record and then clicking the "Address" button at the bottom of the grid. You can email the individual or household in the same way, by clicking the "E-mail" button instead. You can also enter a planned touchpoint for the affected individual or household by clicking the "Plan" button.