Sum by contributor, year


The Sum by contributor, year view is a view that will show you each contributor, and the total that they contributed in each year. The data grid for this view will show you the envelope number and name of each contributor, the year, the overall total that they gave to all funds, the total of pledged giving, and the total of unpledged giving.

  1. You can access the Sum by contributor, year view by opening the contributions module, clicking on Summaries, and then clicking "By contributor, year"
  2. You can search for particular entries on this grid by using the search boxes at the top of the grid. You can also filter to look at only particular contributors by using the "Who" option and selecting which group of contributors you'd like to look at. See our article on search and filter for more details on how to use the search boxes.
  3. Clicking Print will provide you with three reporting options. (default) will print a report as you see it on the grid. By giver will show you a report, grouped by giver, showing overall totals for each giver, and then totals for each year for each giver. By year will give you a report that's grouped by year, showing you annual totals for each year, and totals for each giver for the year under that.