Denomination Specific Report: Presbyterian - PC/USA


The Presbyterian Statistical Report—PC(USA) is exclusively used by the PC(USA) churches and this report has been designed specifically to meet the annual reporting needs of the PC(USA) and follows the reporting specifications set out by it.

This report contains the following tabs:

» Church Info—Lists various church contact information. Most of this information will be filled in by the information filled in on the Church tab of the Settings menu from the Main Menu of Shepherd’s Staff. The “For the Membership Year” field represents the year that you’re running this report for.

» Membership 1— This tab displays statistical information on your Membership as calculated by the data you have input into Shepherd’s Staff. Next to some fields, you’ll see a button that looks like a white circle with an “i”. If you click this button, it will show you a window that will first tell you how that field is being calculated, and what received by and removed by terms are used, then, it will show you who is a part of that field. Each field can be manually entered, if you have the number, or, if you click “Reset”, Shepherd’s Staff will calculate this number for you.

» Membership 2— This tab displays statistical information based on attendance, activities and Sunday school grades. For the fields that have a button with checkmarks and lines, click that button and a window will appear. Select the relevant Attendance Event, Activity or Sunday school grade for each field.

» Racial Ethnic—Displays the ethnic composition of active members, as well as let you list the number you have with a disability.

» Financial 1 and 2—Allows you to choose which accounts you want to report on. For the fields that have a button with checkmarks and lines  next to them, click that button and a window will appear. Select the relevant Income, Expense, or Dedicated accounts for each field.


  1. Select Reports within the Membership Module
  2. Select the "Statistics: Denomination-specific" option on the list of reports
  3. In the "Denomination" field, select "Presbyterian - PC/USA" and then click the "Select" button
  4. In the Church Info field, set what year you want to run this report for in the field "For the Membership Year".
  5. In the Membership 1 tab, you will see your Membership information, and Shepherd's Staff will calculate this for you automatically, based on the criteria that is displayed when you click the i button next to each field. If you'd prefer to enter this information manually, you can do so in each field.
  6. The Membership 2 tab contains more membership and attendance information. For the fields that have the button with the checkmarks and lines, click on those buttons to determine what attendance events/activities should be considered for those fields.
  7. The Racial/Ethnic tab will provide a breakdown of your congregation by race. You will also have the opportunity to fill in the number of people you have in your church who have a disability.
  8. The Financials 1 and 2 tabs allow you to choose which accounts from your Finance module should be considered for each field by clicking the button with checkmarks and lines next to that field.
  9. When finished, click save and calculate to have the report update any automatically generated fields.
  10. Click Print to see a preview of your report, and at the preview screen, click print again to get a printed copy of your report.