Report Preview


Clicking the print button on most screens in Shepherd's Staff will first take you to a preview of what you're going to print out. This is the report preview screen, and this lets you get a look at your report before you commit to printing it out. 

  1. To browse through the pages, click the arrows in the upper left hand corner of the window. A multiple page report will start by saying it is 1/1+ pages. If you click the right arrow button with a line by it (>|) it will take you to the last page and update the page count.
  2. Clicking the close button will close the preview window and take you back to where you were before you pressed the print button.
  3. The button with the box with two other boxes branching off of it will open the Group Tree window. This allows you to see certain groups within your report. You can click on a group to jump to it within your report.
  4. You can click the binocular button at the top of the report window to search for specific text within your report. A window will appear where you can type in the text you're searching for, and then click find next to find the next time that text occurs in your report.
  5. The Magnifying glass button allows you to change the zoom on your page to make the entire report appear larger or smaller on your screen.
  6. The A buttons with an arrow pointing up and down will increase or decrease the font size on the report respectively.
  7. Clicking the Print button will then open Windows® printer settings window. This will allow you to choose a printer along with other options. The report will be sent to the printer when you click print in this window.
  8. The export to option allows you to export the report you're previewing to different formats. There are options for Microsoft Word files, PDF's, RTFs, and HTML files. These options will all open the report directly in the associated program. The file option will allow you to save the report as a PDF to any location you choose.