Church Phone Book


The Church Phone Book Report is great for making a directory of all the contact information you have for a family. It generates a report listing all phone numbers and email addresses by household or person.

  1. In the Who field, select what group of people you'll be running this report for. You can select from everyone, a select group of people, or even a subgroup or list of people.
  2. In the Type field, you can select what format of Church Phone Book report you'll be running. Each of these types of reports are laid out a little differently, but only the "Phone Book by Household" option groups your people into their households by default, otherwise, the reports are grouped by person
  3. In the Sort/Group by field, select how you want your report grouped together.
  4. In the include section, there are several options you can choose to include on your report, including address information, emergency contact information, birthdate/age information and membership info, just to give a few examples.
  5. The symbols section lets you apply symbols to your Church Phone Book to denote status of the people in your congregation in relation to their membership status, membership codes, and participation for Members and Non-Members
    • To set your symbols, click the "Symbols" button. You can pick what set of symbols you want to work with, and you will see the various statuses for that set. If you want to change the symbols, check the box for "Make changes to symbols" and next to each status, fill in the character you want to place by a person if they have that status. When finished, click Close.
    • You can choose where you want to show the legend for your symbols in the "Show symbols legend on" section
  6. When finished, click Print to create your Church Phone Book.