Saving Reports


Saving Reports allows you to skip a lot of the setup of reports that you run on a regular basis by saving the settings you have designated on specific reports. This can be a big time saver on reports that you might run on a weekly basis, or make it easy for you to remember exactly how you have a report set up that you might run just once a year.

To save a report, after you've finished setting up the report the way you'd like it to be saved, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the report window. In the "My Reports" section, a window will appear where you can name the report. When finished, click the save icon to the right of the window where you named the report. This will then add the report to the "My Reports' section.

To access a saved report, simply double-click on it from any window. This will take you to that report, as it was saved. If you would like to rename the report, right click on the report, and click rename. If you want to delete the saved report, right click on it and click delete. You can also change the order that the reports appear by clicking and dragging the report in the My Reports box to the spot you want that report to appear.