Church Directory by Household


The Church Directory by Household report allows you to create a report that shows the people within your congregation, grouped into their households. This report is useful for providing a directory to your members, your elders, or even for use within your church office. This report offers several different options, making it customizable for many different uses.

  1. In the Membership Module of Shepherd's Staff, click the Other Reports tab and choose "Church Directory by household" in the reports menu.
  2. First, select which group of households you'll be running this report for in the "Which households?" field. You can pick from households with current members, visitors, or even select households where people are part of a subgroup or list.
  3. If you do not want to show certain people within a household, such as non-members who are in households on your report, check the boxes that you need in the "Within households, hide people who are" field
  4. The Type field lets you select the layout for your report. There are several different options for you to select from, including some options that include household photos. The booklet options are formatted so you can fold your printout into a booklet format.
  5. Some of the types will have grouping options, where you can choose to sort by household (no extra sorting), Ministry Group or Person Assigned
  6. The Include section includes several options you can apply to your directory, such as including extra information on the people within the household, including alternate addresses, or showing what filters have been used.
  7. The symbols section lets you apply symbols to your directory to denote status of the people in your congregation in relation to their membership status, membership codes, and participation for Members and Non-Members
    • To set your symbols, click the "Symbols" button. You can pick what set of symbols you want to work with, and you will see the various statuses for that set. If you want to change the symbols, check the box for "Make changes to symbols" and next to each status, fill in the character you want to place by a person if they have that status. When finished, click Close.
    • You can choose where you want to show the legend for your symbols in the "Show symbols legend on" section
  8. When finished, click print to create your directory.