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Whenever maintenance is performed on an item or vehicle at your church, a corresponding maintenance record should be created in Shepherd's Staff. We'll walk through the steps of adding a maintenance record below, or editing an existing maintenance record.

  1. To access the Maintenance view, click on the Inventory tab at the top of the scheduler module, and then click the Maintenance tab at the left side of the window. (Maintenance records can also be added from within Inventory or Vehicle records directly)
  2. Click the add button at the bottom of the view to start adding a Maintenance record, or click on the maintenance record you need to update and click "Edit" at the bottom of the grid to make changes to that record.
  3. First, select what item of inventory or vehicle the maintenance is being performed on in the Inventory/equipment field. If you need to add a new piece of inventory, click the green plus button next to the field.
  4. Fill in the date the maintenance was performed on in the Maintenance date field, and if this maintenance was performed on a vehicle, enter the mileage of the vehicle at the time of maintenance in the Mileage field.
  5. In the "Maintenance performed by" field, you can select a contact, or if you need to add a new contact click the green plus sign located to the right of this field.
  6. In the type of maintenance field, fill in a generalized description of what this maintenance was. For example, if this was an oil change on a vehicle, "Regular Maintenance" would be an appropriate way to fill in this field. 
  7. In the Invoice or receipt number, fill in the invoice or receipt number you received from the maintenance provider, and in the cost field, fill in how much the maintenance cost to complete, including parts and labor.
  8. In the maintenance description/details field, this is where you would fill in more specific information about the maintenance performed. This is where you might say that the regular maintenance performed was an oil change, for example
  9. Any additional notes on the maintenance you may want to fill in can be provided in the Notes field.
  10. Click Save when finished to save any changes that you've made.


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