Route Details Report


The Route Details report is an important report to run if you utilize the Routes feature of Shepherd's Staff. This report allows you to generate route checklists, a listing of all the contacts and workers on a route, as well as a generic checklist for a route that you may not have yet established in Shepherd's Staff.

There are three different formats for the Route Details report:

»  Contact checklist — This format provides you with a checklist of all the contacts you have on a route, in the order that they are set within the route, in a checklist format so your route workers can take this form along and check off who they have picked up, and later, dropped off.

»  Route Details — This format provides you with a listing of all the contacts and workers you have on a route to review, along with other additional information you choose.

»  Route Details — This format provides a generic route listing with spaces for names on it that you may not have on the route already.

  1. To access the Route Details report, click on the Reports tab and then click "Route details" on the left side of the window.
  2. Select the format of the report you want to use in the "Format" field
  3. Choose how you want your contacts sorted, either in Name order, Pickup order, or Drop off order in the "Sort contacts by" field
  4. Select which route you'd like to run the report for in the "Route" box. If you want to run this for all routes, select the (all) option.
  5. In the include section, choose which pieces of additional information you'd like to include on your report.


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