Calendar Report


The Calendar report allows you to print a calendar showing any or all of your Events. You can also use it to print a blank calendar for requesting events, or even create an HTML version of your calendar to post on the church's website.

This report comes with the following formats:

»  Fixed space — Prints the calendar where each day will take up the same amount of space on the calendar. This does mean if you have too many events occurring on the same day, some of the events may not appear.

» Fixed space (8.5" x 14") — This is the same as the previous report, except it has been formatted to fit on an 8.5" x 14" sheet of paper.

» Variable space — Prints the calendar where each week on the calendar will take up different amounts of space based upon the day with the most events on that week. Unlike the Fixed space options, you don't run the risk of not showing events if there are too many events on a particular day, but, this does mean that your calendar may have weeks that have big differences in their sizes.

» CSV (for importing) — This calendar format will export your calendar for the month you chose out to a CSV format in Excel when you click the print button. From Excel, you can then save the file to your computer and use that to import into another source, such as Outlook or Google Calendars.

» HTML (for websites) — This feature will direct you to use the fixed or variable formats, preview the calendar and use the export feature in the print preview screen to export an HTML format of your calendar.

» Blank — This calendar format will remove all but the date selection from the report screen, and allow you to print a blank calendar for the chosen month and year.

Note: Holidays will always be shown at the top of the day they occur on.

  1. The calendar report can be found in the Reports tab of the Scheduler module.
  2. Select the format that you want to use for your calendar in the "Format" box.
  3. In the Person/contact, Room, Room type, and Room location fields, select which options you would like to filter by, if any. If you don't want to filter based on any one of these fields, leave them set to "all"
  4. In the year and month boxes, set what year and month you want to run a calendar field.
  5. In the Type of event field, select what type of attendance events you would like to include on your calendar.
  6. In the include section, you can choose what additional options you'd like to include on your calendar, such as holidays, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and start and end times for events.
  7. Click the Print button at the bottom right of the window to get a preview of your calendar.


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