02.12.2020 Update [8.8]


Release Notes

Shepherd's Staff 2020 Version (8.8), release 20200210


  • Change: You can now add and edit home phone numbers directly from the person Contact section, and you can also add an initial phone number from the household Contact section if you forgot to do so when the household was first added.
    • If the home phone 1 or 2 is assigned to a cell phone for a head of household or spouse, then changing it changes the cell phone for that person.
    • Also, there are new edit buttons (with a pencil icon) on the household Contact section that let you change a phone number on the spot.
  • Change: Added a Labels button to the Subgroups grid as well, which auto-runs the already-existing Quick Labels feature on the People tab.
  • Change: Attendance Supervisors can now access the Tools section on the Attendance Tools / Settings tab.


  • Fixed: Help content was missing from the “?” buttons in the LCMS and ELCA annual reports.
  • Fixed: The Church Statistics report was one month off, including figures for 13 months instead of only 12 months.
  • Fixed: Icon for attachments was not showing for attachments added to a household or person prior to version 8.8.
  • Fixed: Removed people in the Individuals, Lists, and Anniversaries grids were not getting flagged with a different row color.
  • Fixed: The flagging of inactive Event records in attendance using a different row color was no longer working.
  • Fixed: Error “Column ‘FutureYrs’ does not belong to table CTSDataGrid” when printing an anniversaries report. (This was only a problem with the Small Church Edition.)
  • Fixed: The “?” button on the Church Register add/edit windows was not linked to up to the Help system.
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