11.21.2019 Update [8.8]


Release Notes

Shepherd's Staff 2020 Version (8.8), release 20191121

Released November 21st, 2019

New Features and Changes:

  • Feature: When using one of the three Contact List reports on the Anniversaries tab, it now includes the “Will be” age/years under the current age/years if the anniversary will be occurring in the next two months (from today’s date).

  • Feature: When using the copy feature on the Anniversaries tab, a new pop-up window appears that asks if you want to include the number of years (upcoming years) next to each anniversary. This only applies to current- and next-month anniversaries.

  • Feature: Can now sort Touchpoints completed by date descending order, if desired. The option appears in the lower left of the Print Preview window. For the “default” report (which has not built-in grouping), you can also sort by Category and Method.

  • Feature: New report for Touchpoints Completed that groups by category, and then by the person who made the touchpoint. (This is comparable to the “Totals” version of the Visits by Type report in version 8.7.)

  • Feature: Added wife’s birth/maiden name column to the Weddings grid in the Church Register.

  • Feature: Printing mailing labels from Subgroups is hooked up. The button is located on the People tab of the Subgroups window.

  • Feature: The LCMS annual report is completed.

  • Feature: The Volunteer Search add/edit window is completed.


  • Fixed: The report date and report time were not left-aligned on the Attendance Batch report. 

  • Fixed: In the Planned and Completed touchpoints reports, the date was formatting with a slash after the month abbreviation, like this: Apr/16/2019. The extra slash no longer appears.

  • Fixed: Husband’s register number column was not showing in the Weddings grid of the Church Register.

  • Fixed: Significant Deaths was only allowing 15 characters for the name of the deceased; it should be 35.


  • The Contributions VB6 program can now be launched from Shepherd's Staff Central, without having to return to the Main Menu.

  • Scheduler VB6 program can now be launched from SS central, without having to return to the Main Menu.

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