Church Statistics


The Church Statistics Report provides you with geographic and demographic information about your congregation. When preparing your Church Statistics reports, you first must define what a member of your church is based on criteria from their person record. You also need to select when Shepherd's Staff is pulling the statistics from, and what age constitutes if someone is a child or not.

  1. First, select what kind of statistical report you want to run in the "Type" field. There are reports on many different factors, including age, marital status, participation, and city, just to give a few examples. The Member definition report generates a report that shows how you define a member, based on the other fields in the Church Statistics report.
  2. In the "A 'member' is someone who is marked as 'Member' and is" field, you can define what constitutes a member for the purposes of this report. The report assumes the person is marked as a member in their person record, but you may have other requirements that you consider when looking at membership, and you can select those here.
  3. In the include section, you can choose if you want to include peoples names on the report or not (So you get just the numbers or the people who belong in the various groups), Removed people, and Deceased people
  4. The Child age cut-off represents the age at which a person is considered an adult for reporting purposes. Any person up to and including the selected age is considered a child for reporting purposes.
  5. The Membership Year and Beginning fields determine what time this report is being run for. You can use these fields to run a report for any specific point in time you want.
  6. Click Print to generate your report.
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