Add Training


Your church may offer classes or courses in different topics that your congregation might take part in. For example, your church may offer a confirmation class, a program to help educate foster parents, or even CPR certification courses. In order to keep track of all these educational events, and the people who take part in them, Shepherd's Staff allows you to keep lists of trainings that people have gone through.

Adding A Training Record to an Individual Person

  1. In the People Tab, click on Lists
  2. Click the Add button at the bottom of the grid and select "Training" in the window that appears
  3. In the person field, select the person you're adding the Training to
  4. In the Training field, select the Training you're adding to a person. You can add a new option by clicking in the activity box and clicking the "Add/Remove Item from the list" button
  5. In the Category field, you can categorize what type of Training you're adding to a person.
  6. The Date Completed Field indicates when a person completed their training.
  7. Click the Note button to add any Notes for this Training.
  8. Check the "Add Multiple" box if you want to add another activity. Click Save to save the Training record.