Add Skill/Spiritual Gift


Your church has people with many different talents and skills that they have developed through the years that make them equipped to better serve. Shepherd's Staff offers a way to record these skills or spiritual gifts so you have a quick reference on who in your congregation may be best suited to serve in a particular capacity. 

Adding A Skill/Spiritual Gift Record to An Individual Person

  1. In the People Tab, click on Lists
  2. Click the Add button at the bottom of the grid and select "Skill/Spiritual Gift" in the window that appears
  3. In the person field, select the person you're adding the skill or spiritual gift to
  4. In the Skill/Spiritual Gift field, select the Skill/Spiritual Gift you're adding to a person. You can add a new option by clicking in the activity box and clicking the "Add/Remove Item from the list" button
  5. In the Category field, you can categorize what type of Skill/Spiritual Gift you're adding to a person.
  6. Click the Note button to add any Notes for this Skill/Spiritual Gift.
  7. Check the "Add Multiple" box if you want to add another Skill/Spiritual Gift. Click Save to save the Skill/Spiritual Gift record.