Add Activity


Your church has many different groups that serve your church or your congregation in many different ways. Activities are a type of list that can track who are in these groups, and in what capacity they are involved in these groups. Some examples of activities people might be involved in are Bible Study Groups, Ushers, Greeters, or Finance Committee. Adding Activities to people in your church within Shepherd's Staff provides you a way to keep track of people's involvement in these groups.

Adding An Activity Record to An Individual Person

  1. In the People Tab, click on Lists
  2. Click the Add button at the bottom of the grid and select "Activity" in the window that appears
  3. In the person field, select the person you're adding the activity to
  4. In the Activity field, select the Activity you're adding to a person. You can add a new option by clicking in the activity box and clicking the "Add/Remove Item from the list" button
  5. Select the person's Participation in the Activity, either Present, Experience or Interest. Present means that the person is presently involved with the Activity, Experience means that a person was a part of this Activity in the past, and interest means the person isn't a part of the Activity right now, but has expressed interest in being a part of this Activity
  6. If a person is an officer in this Activity, such as a president or treasurer of a group, then enter that information in the "Office" field
  7. The Begin and End dates can be filled in if the Activity has a specific time period that it will be active through.
  8. Click the Note button to add any Notes for this Activity.
  9. Check the "Add Multiple" box if you want to add another Activity. Click Save to save the Activity record.