Managing a Divorce


In order to manage a divorce in your database, you will need to know the answers to the following questions:

» Is one of the parties staying at their current residence?

If so, then that party’s Person record can stay within the household while the other person is moved out of the house. You will need to create a new Household record for the party moving to a new residence.

» Are there kids involved and where will the kids live?

The person who is moving out, and any children that might be moving with them will need to be moved to the new household using the move a person to a different household utility

» Will any names be changing in the process?

Changes will need to be made in fields that are in both the household and person records for both parties involved in the divorce. Below is a listing of all the fields that you should check in both person records, and both household records to make sure they accurately reflect both parties new information:

  • Person Information
    • Last Name
    • Marital Status
    • Divorced Date
    • Spouse Name
    • Prior Surname (if reverting back to their last name before marriage)
  • Household Information
    • Household Name
    • Household Type
    • Salutation for Form Letters
    • Label Name Styles 1 & 2

Note: If one or both of these people have contributions in the database, then you will need to make the necessary changes in the Contributions module. The steps involved will be covered in the Contributions Manual.