Remove a Person from Membership


Whenever a person moves or passes away, we want to make sure their record is handled properly, so that their data and your reporting stay accurate.

In order to properly update a removed person’s record we need to set the “Removed By” status on their Person record. This will keep their record in the database while allowing you to filter them out of reports and certain windows. Using this method your end-of-year reporting stays accurate as the program will still find the Person’s record and know they were removed in the ascribed year.

After the reports have been printed at the end of the year, you have two options for how to proceed with removed people. You can choose to keep them in the database knowing that you can filter them out (this is recommended) or you can choose to delete them.

Note: If you are removing this person by death, you will receive a reminder window showing you some things you can check to make sure the database is up to date.

  1. Go to the Individuals Grid and highlight the person you need to remove
  2. Click the Edit button.
  3. Go to the Church tab.
  4. Change the Removed By field to the appropriate status.
  5. Set the Date Removed field to the actual date this person was removed.
  6. Change the Participation to the relevant status for the type of Removed By chosen. (Records Removed by Death will automatically have Participation filled with Deceased when you click Save)
  7. No other fields have to be changed on the Person record (if someone was/is a Member, keep him or her listed as a Member. It helps to remember that this person is now a Removed Member, not a Removed Non-Member).
  8. Once you are done, click OK.