The Inactivity view allows you to search for people, based on specific criteria that would make them be considered inactive by your church, and get information on when these people have last contributed, attended or have had contact with your church, and also provides contact information for these people, and provides ways you can reach them.

  1. Access the Inactivity view by clicking on the Ministry tab and choose "Inactivity"
  2. In the inactivity view, select what filters you want to use to determine who your inactive people are. These filters include

Who - This filter allows you to select from a list of pre-defined groups of people, or a smart group or list/grade. 

With no - This filter allows you to determine what a person hasn't done to be considered inactive. You can choose from not attending, not contributing, a combination of not attending and not contributing, or not having present participation in an activity.

For the past - This field works in conjunction with the previous field. This looks at the previous field and allows you to see if they haven't participated within a certain number of days between 7 and 180 days.

For this age group - This field allows you to pick a particular age group to include in your list of inactive people. You can select all people, a particular pre-set range of ages, or people who do not have a birth date listed.

Exclude those who - These checkboxes allow you to exclude people who meet certain conditions. "Are away/out of town" will exclude anyone who has a currently active alternate address. "Have a planned touchpoint" will exclude anyone who has a touchpoint in the "Touchpoints planned view". Have a completed touchpoint in the past" with an option field where you can select how many days ago this completed touchpoint happened. This option will exclude anyone from your list of inactive people who have a completed touchpoint within the select amount of days.

  1. After selecting each filter that you would like to use, Shepherd's Staff will automatically use the selected criteria to display the people who meet the criteria of the filters you selected.
  2. Clicking the print button will allow you to print a report that shows each person's name along with Membership and Contact information. This report can be grouped by person, household, ministry group or person assigned, and there is also a mailing label option available from here.
  3. You can also click on a person in the grid and click the plan button to create a planned touchpoint for that person.