Main Menu


The main menu of Shepherd’s Staff contains the following elements:

» Module Buttons—Each opens the respective module in another window.

» Utilities—This will drop down the main utilities menu. The following pages in this manual detail these utility options.

» Help—This will drop down a list of help resources, which include free training videos, user guides, and ways to connect with CTS. The web-based user guide is a free online help system and has the most up to date information. Some help features require an active service plan to access.

» Exit—This button closes Shepherd’s Staff. When you click this button, Shepherd’s Staff checks to see if you have backed up your database in the last seven days or run a database rebuild in the last six months. If it finds that you have not done these things, it will prompt you to do them.

» Version Information—The bottom of this window shows the version of Shepherd’s Staff you are using along with its release date.

» User—The bottom right corner shows the user name currently logged in.

» System Date—This shows the current system date of your computer.