Finance Report Options


Throughout most of the Finance Reports, you will find similar features for choosing accounts, picking a detail level, selecting captions, and including options.

Choosing an Account:

» There are reports that give you the option to select a Fund, Account Type, Major Group, Minor Group, Sequence, and Responsibility.

» Each of these buttons allow you to select a certain number or a range of numbers. This allows you to drill down into any area you want. For example, if you want to see a specific account simply choose the account by picking the respective numbers from each button.

» The options may lessen depending on how the report is designed.

Level of Detail:

» Major Group—Shows totals for only the Major Groups.

» Minor Group—Shows totals for only Minor and Major Groups, without the Account level detail.

» Account—Shows detail on all Accounts selected, subtotaled by Minor and Major groups.


» Names and numbers—Prints Major and Minor number and name, and Account Sequence and name.

» Names only—Prints Major, Minor and Account names, without any identifying numbers.

» Names/numbers, full account number—Prints just like the Names and numbers option, but includes the entire 9-digit number for Accounts.


» Include inactive accounts—Any account marked as inactive will be included on the account.

» Save Month with report—If you check this box, the selected month saves with the report. If you do not check this box, the report always prints for the current month. This permits you to create a report for a specific month of the year, or one that floats.

» No color—Prints the report without using color.



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