Creating a Library Report


On this page you can see the steps for creating a report in the library of saved reports.

  1. To access a module’s reports, click on Reports at the top of the page in the menu bar, or you can access it through the toolbar button.
  2. The process is started by clicking on the New Report button at the top of the selected report window.
  3. After that, you can type in a name and description of that report. If there are many users making reports, it may be a good idea to include the date and creator’s name in the description. This makes database clean up easier in the future.
  4. At this point you can go through the settings and select the options you want to see on the report. The saved report will even remember the font or subgroup you used on this particular report. Once the settings are selected, you can click Save at the top of the page. If at any time you no longer need a report, it can be deleted by selecting the report and clicking the Delete button.
  5. To change a font, use the font drop-down menu, then choose the desired font and click it. After all changes are made, click on Save to save the report.

Here is an example of choosing your settings on a report and saving it. Let’s say that every month you run an Anniversaries report showing the birthdays for your members during that month.

This example assumes you have a subgroup set up that contains only your current members. If you don’t have one of these subgroups, you can create one by following the steps on the dynamic subgroup page.

The lines used in this subgroup are:



  1. Access the Anniversaries report by going to Membership, clicking Report in the menu bar, and choosing “Anniversaries.”
  2. Click the New Report button at the top of the Report window.
  3. Under Report Name, rename the report “Member Birthdays” and enter a description (if desired). At this point you can also save the report using a different font or scale as well. In this example we have font as “@Arial Unicode MS” and scale set as “0,” but you can use another setting if you like.
  4. Under “Who,” we want to choose our members subgroup.
  5. Under “What,” we are going to choose “2. Birthday” as the Anniversary and use the defaults for the other fields.
  6. Under “When,” we will make sure “One month” is chosen. Which month it’s on doesn’t matter for the template, as that is the field we will change every month.
  7. Under the “Include” section, we have the top four options checked. These options will be explained in more detail on the Anniversaries report page.
  8. After all changes are made, click on the Save button to save the report.