Transactions can be added from three different views within the Accounts Receivable window.

The first method listed on the right (starting from the Accounts view) is preferred. Starting here will automatically fill in several fields when you add the transaction, saving you both time and effort.

  1. Add a transaction by doing any of the following:
    • Accounts view—Click the drop down in the upper right corner and select “Accounts.” To the right, select the Transaction tab and click “New.” 
    • Students / Children view—Click “Add.” 
    • Transactions view—Click “Add.”
  2. After completing any of the above steps, select the date of the transaction. Choose the account from the drop down, which shows all the accounts already created in the AR system.
  3. Select an individual child or student to see which child is linked to which AR account. 
    • Note: You can only select students under 18.
  4. Click “Find” to select the item/charge from a list of items that can be charged to an account.
  5. Click “Save” to close the window and add this single charge. Click “Add Again” to save the previous charge and continue adding additional charges.
  6. To edit a transaction, click on the charge in any view. Click “Edit.”