Printing Checks


The next step for checks is printing them out. For this purpose, Shepherd’s Staff uses a middle format check.

Note: If you wish to order pre-printed checks, we recommend Forms Plus (, an excellent provider of checks and other forms. They provide a check specifically designed to use with Shepherd’s Staff.

In Shepherd’s Staff, there are several options for the formatting of the check:

» Print Total Amount in Words—Prints the check amount using words. Note the option to Include “Dollars” and “Cents” when this box is checked.

» Hide heading on top stub—Check this if using pre-printed checks with headings already at the top of the form.

» Do not print the Memo line—Keeps the memo from printing on the check.

» Boldface—Changes the name and address to bold type.

» Canada CPA Format—Changes the check to Canadian format.

» Show calendar year-to-date—Gives the year-to-date totals for the included accounts.

These selections automatically save and reload each time you print checks.

The Preview window will display all your checks as a separate page. You can navigate through these checks by clicking the arrow buttons on the bottom of the window.

You can also zoom in or zoom out using the magnifying glass button.

If you are changing printers or printing checks for the first time, we recommend printing a single check on plain paper prior to printing on check stock (you can reprint the check). This way you can hold the check up over that paper and see if the lines will line up properly.

If the check doesn’t line up properly, you can use the “Adjust Print Positions” on the “Check Printing and Preview” window to adjust how the text prints on the check. You can move the check up or down on the page or left to right on the page. Some printers need to adjust their margins, so you may need to change the layout field to “Margin Adjustment” if that is indeed the case.

The “Test these settings” option will allow you to print a test check to confirm the layout settings.

  1. Remember that each bank account has its own checks. So the first step is choosing the account you want in the Bank Account field.
  2. The First Check Number field will default to the next check in your sequence for this account. You can override this if you choose. You can also permanently override these numbers by editing the account on the Accounts grid.
  3. All checks that have pending status for this bank account will be listed in the “Print the following checks” box. Only selected checks are considered when printing checks, so if you do not want a particular pending check to be included, un-mark the “Print?” check box.
  4. Every check that is printed will receive the “Date of Check” date. If you are printing checks for different dates, simply select the correct checks for that date and print them. Then change the date and print the other checks.
  5. Choose the printing settings you want for these checks. 
  6. Once all the settings are correct, click the “Preview / Print selected checks” button and a confirmation screen will appear.
  7. Clicking Yes will preview the selected checks.
  8. After checking the preview and putting check stock in the printer, click “Print these Checks” to send the checks to your printer.
  9. At this point, go ahead and inspect all the checks that printed, making sure they are all correct.
  10. After the checks have printed, a confirmation screen will appear, asking if all the checks printed properly.
  11. Select the option that applies to your situation. If only some of the checks printed correctly, you will need to mark which checks printed correctly.
  12. Click Continue. Each check that you designate as printed correctly will be given the proper check #, date printed, and a check status of Paid and Computer Written. Checks noted as not printing correctly will remain as pending checks, with no date for the check, and a check number of 0.
  13. These checks can then be printed again by returning to step 1.

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