Pledge Listing Report


The Pledge Listing and Pledge Mail Merge are actually two Reports in one. The Settings tab controls the date ranges for finding Pledges and reporting them and the “Export/Mail Merge” tab contains the controls for Mail Merging.

The Pledge Listing Report prints Pledge details, including effective dates, Contribution frequency, Pledge amount, Total Pledge, and the amount Ahead/Behind (or amount remaining). The totals print for each Contributor, and a grand total prints for the entire report.

The most important part of setting up this report is the dates.

» Pledged-to-date as of—The date you set this field will determine how much of the pledge will show on this report. If you set the date to the end date of the pledge, you will get the entire pledge. If you set it to a date within the pledge, you will get a pro-rated amount of the pledge.

» Given-to-date as of—This is similar to the pledged date except this sets the date for the offerings. Normally this is set for the same date as the pledged date.

» Pledges active from / to—These dates will set which pledge records you will report on. Normally this is set to the entire year range for the pledge.

  1. You can access this report by going to Reports and choosing “Pledge Listing.”
  2. You can run this report for all the contributors in your database or just a Subgroup.
  3. Enter in the dates you want to run this report for.
  4. Under “Type of Report” choose Detail or Summary by fund. If you want a list of pledges, choose Detail, and if you want just a total amount, choose Summary.
  5. Choose the way you want this report to be sorted.
  6. Next set how you want the difference between pledged and given to be displayed.
  7. Finally if you want to run this report for just specific funds you can set those by clicking the Funds button.
  8. Click Preview to view the report or click Print to send the report directly to the printer.