Church Dashboard


The Finance tab on the Church Dashboard contains a quick snapshot of your Finance module. This includes information such as your income and expenses for the year and any recent transactions that have been made.

There is one graph on this page that shows both income and expenses for each month of the current fiscal year. You can change this graph to also show budgets vs. actuals for either income or expense.

If you look at the bottom of the dashboard, you will find the recent transactions you have entered. You can switch between checks, deposits, or journals using the radio buttons to the right.

Clicking on the chart or data grid image will change the chart to a data grid, or the data grid to a chart. If you double-click on any line of data, a new window will appear, displaying the details of the data selected.

  1. To view the dashboard, go to Reports and click Dashboard.
  2. You can copy these graphs to another program by clicking the “Copy to clipboard” button.
  3. The info and question mark buttons will give you the current criteria of the displayed statistics.
  4. To update the statistics on the dashboard to reflect a change made in the database, you can close and reopen the dashboard, or you can click the Refresh button at the bottom of the window.