Medical, allergy or special needs


The Medical, allergy or special needs report provides a listing of those who have information filled out in in the "Medical/Allergies" field located in the "Other" tab of an individual's record. This report can help provide you with a listing of medical information that you may need to be aware of to best serve your congregation.

  1. In the "Who" field, select what group of people you'd like to run this report for. You can select from everyone, a select group of people, a subgroup or even everyone in Sunday school.
  2. In the include section you can select what kind of additional information, on top of what appears in the "Medical/Allergies" field for each person in this can include phone numbers, email addresses and emergency contact information.
  3. The Search box will allow to search for a particular word within people's Medical/Allergies field. Be careful about how you enter your search terms into this field. For example, if someone has a peanut allergy, and it was recorded as "Peanut Allergy" or "Peanut" in the Medical/Allergies field, typing in "Peanuts" to this field will not find that person, but if you type in "Peanut" into the search field, it would find the person who had "Peanut Allergy" and the person who has "Peanuts" filled into their Medical/Allergies field.
  4. If you'd like to make a static subgroup of the people you find in this report, click the "Subgroup" button.
  5. Click the print button to get a preview of your report. At the preview window, you can then click print to Print the report out.