Backing up Photos and Attachments


Photo backups are handled by a separate utility from database backups. This is because the photos are not actually stored in the Shepherd’s Staff database. A photo backup will also back up any attachments you use. Backing up your images is just as important as backing up your regular database, and you should always keep a copy on a removable disk and take it off-site in case of a computer failure.

Just like the database backups, photo backups can be archived. Archiving gives you a history of backups to go through in case you become aware of a problem that has existed prior to your most recent backup.

Below are some terms that will come in handy when using the Photo Backup Utility.

» A location I choose—This option allows you to choose a location on your computer or network in which to save the backup file. During your first time backing up your database, this is the only option you will be able to choose.

» The last location used—This option will automatically save a new backup in the location your most recent backup was saved.

» A previous location—This dropdown will list all the locations you have ever saved a backup file to.

Note: The name of the backup file cannot be completely changed. The name is how the Restore utility knows if a particular backup is the correct one for your database. This is to prevent an override by an incorrect database if you are using multiple databases for multiple churches. However, you can add text to the beginning of the file name to help distinguish which backup is which. 

Here is how to back up your photos and attachments:

  1. Close out of all modules in Shepherd’s Staff, make sure you are on the Shepherd’s Staff Central Window
  2. Select “Tools” at the top of the window.
  3. Choose Backup and Restore, and then choose “Photos”.
  4. Choose the location in which to save the backup. During your first time backing up your database, you will only be able to select “A location I choose.”
  5. Click “Start backup.”