Restoring a Backup


“Restore” is a powerful tool that allows you to restore the data from a previous backup. This utility must be used carefully—if a backup from two years ago is restored, then all the data keyed in after that date will be lost! To help avoid issues like this, only those logged in as the System Administrator are able to restore a backup.

After a successful restore, Shepherd’s Staff creates a database that contains all the data from before the restore. The database will be in a file named OLDCPHDB.MDB and can be found in the same folder as your original database. If you do a restore by accident, you can revert to the database inside the file OLDCPHDB.MDB, and all your data will still be intact.

There are several ways to select a restore. From the “Restore Database” tab, you can select any of the following:

» Most-recent one—This will restore the most recent database.

» Let me choose—This will open Windows Explorer, and you can select any restore file you would like.

» From a date—This will filter the backups to those that were created on a particular date. Use the calendar in the center of the window to select your desired date.

» Past 270 days—This will display all backups done in the past 270 days. You can then use the calendar to select dates in order to narrow your search.

  1. Close out of all modules in Shepherd’s Staff, make sure you are on the Shepherd’s Staff Central Window
  2. Select “Tools” at the top of the window.
  3. Choose Backup and Restore, and then choose “Database”.
  4. Click on the “Restore Database” tab.
  5. Choose an option under “Which backup do you want to restore?” and use the calendar to narrow your search.
  6. Select a backup from the list in the “Backups created on this date” box.
  7. Click “Start restore”.