Exporting to Google Calendar


Google Calendar is a free, and very user-friendly, calendar application you can find online. Many churches use it to manage their church calendars. Because of this widespread use, you can now export your event list from Shepherd's Staff and import it to Google Calendars.

Note: In order to do this, you must already have a Google Calendar account set up.

To import to Google Calendar:

  1. Export to Excel from the Events view by clicking on the Export option at the bottom of the view, and save the exported spreadsheet to your desktop.
  2. Log into your Google Calendars account.
  3. In the upper right hand corner of the page, click the settings cog to open your menu options.
  4. Select the "Calendars" tab.
  5. Click "Import Calendar" and choose the excel document you exported in Step 1.
  6. Choose which calendar you want the event(s) to be imported into.
  7. Click "Import"

For more information about importing event into Google Calendar, check out Google's help page here.


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