Introduction to Events


Events are the heart of the Scheduler module. They allow us to track the things going on in the church and make sure that rooms, inventory, and contacts do not overlap.

An Event is defined as any gathering or usage of church facilities by one or more people. Events could be anything from a wedding, a church picnic, a meeting or a sporting event. As long as it is an event in which the church is involved, it could be included in the Scheduler module. You could even use events to mark cleaning schedules or maintenance. 

Events are kept and added within the Events view. Like other views in Shepherd's Staff, you can edit and delete records, sort columns, find or filter for particular events, and even export the list to a spreadsheet.

Note: When the Event view opens, it defaults to displaying events within one week of the current date, and all future scheduled events. For the events that have already passed, they will be highlighted in blue. If you would like to see all the events that you have scheduled in the system, at the top right corner of the grid, there is a checkbox that says "Hide <*1 week prior to present date*" (For example, if today is 6/12/2020, the box would say "Hide <6/5/2020"). If this box is unchecked, you will see all events that have ever been created within the Scheduler module.

On the Events view, you can search through the grid by using the Search and Filter options at the top of the view. 


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