Work/School Tab


As the title suggests, the Work / School tab keeps track of the person’s work and school information.

Many of these fields are option fields which means they use drop-down boxes to choose the data. If you need to add to these drop-down boxes, you can, but make sure you are keeping your data consistent and not giving too many options.

For example: If you have someone who is a Senior Accountant, it is recommended that you add them in as just an “Accountant.” The reason for this is down the road if you are looking for members of your church that know accounting and you search for the occupation title “Accountant” it will not find the person who is set to “Senior Accountant” and you will be missing one of your best candidates.

For a refresher on adding to and removing options from a drop-down box see the page on Database Conventions. Notice that while the work phone and email show on this page you cannot edit them here. You will need to edit those fields on the Contact tab of this Person record.

If a birthday of a child is keyed in, Shepherd’s Staff will automatically assign the child a Grade. The Grade is assigned by using the School Cut-off Date found in the Main Menu Utilities, under Settings and the Membership tab.