Person Records


The Person record contains several pieces of information about an individual, and is a good reference to get an overview of a person. A Person Record contains several tabs, each referencing different aspects of a person. These tabs include:

  • Personal Information - This tab contains basic information about a person, such as their name, what household they belong to, birth, wedding and death dates.
  • Church - This tab provides information about how this person relates to your church, with information about the person's membership status, and milestones, such as baptism, confirmation and first communion
  • Address - This tab shows where this person lives, and gives the option for entering an alternate address from their household
  • Contact - This tab shows the various ways a person can be contacted with spaces for different phone numbers and email addresses
  • Family - This tab shows a person's relationship to others in their family, as well as listing the person's parents and number of children they have
  • Work/School - This tab shows information on a person's education and occupation.
  • Other - This tab contains custom fields where you can record information that Shepherd's Staff doesn't have fields for by default.
  • Ministry - This tab shows all planned and completed touchpoints for the selected person record.

The Person Record also includes buttons at the very top for adding a Photo (Camera Icon), Notes (Thumbtack Icon), sending an Email (Envelope Icon) or sending a text message (Smartphone Icon). You can also re-arrange the order of the different tabs by clicking the box with an up arrow or box with a down arrow box near the top right of each tab to move them up or down in the order of tabs. You can also collapse or expand a tab by clicking the up arrow near the top right to collapse a tab, or the down arrow near the top right of the tab to expand it.