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The Membership Tab contains the database settings that pertain to the membership module. The required fields are the Membership Year and the School Cut-off Date.

You can also enter in some default values for the person and household records you add. Every new household or person you enter into Shepherd’s Staff will start out with these default values. This comes in handy when a majority of your membership has the same general address information.

Note: Any automated data entry by Shepherd’s Staff can be overwritten.

If you want specific information on any of these fields, click F1 on your keyboard.

  1. You can access the Settings from the Main Menu by clicking Utilities and choosing “Settings.”
  2. Click Membership” to access the membership settings.
  3. Fill out the current membership year. 
  4. Fill out the school cut off date. The month and the day should reflect the regional date in which a child enters school by their age. The year of this date should always be the current year. 
  5. After you have finished entering your settings, click OK to save the changes.



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  • Do you have to change the school cut off date each year or does it update automatically? The last date I had in my system is August 15, 2015.

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  • Hi Mary,

    Sorry for the confusion! You do not have to update the year for the School Cut Off Date. Students will still be assigned to the appropriate grade regardless of the year listed. The year will be removed in an upcoming Feature Pack to make this less confusing. 

    Brad Egberts
    Software Tester, Concordia Publishing House

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