Church Tab


The Church tab contains the person’s church-related information including their membership, important dates, involvement within the church, and even the person’s envelope number. 

Note: The envelope number cannot be edited on this window, however, you can edit this field in the contribution module.

Some of these fields were already filled in if you followed the steps on Adding a Person

If you mark someone as received by Baptism or Confirmation, Shepherd’s Staff checks the appropriate box to the right (Baptized or Confirmed), saving you a click. 

In addition, If you add a new person who was received by Baptism or Confirmation, the associated date will fill in with the date on which the person was received. 

One important field you will want to keep up to date is the Participation field. We all want to know who is currently active in our church and this field is a way to track that.

The Section field is in reference to the Sunday School Grade. For example, if you have a large class of students that you have broke up into two separate classes for the same grade (For example, a class of 40 students split up into two classes of 20 students) then you could designate a section A and B, or 1 and 2 to indicate which class a person is in.

The Ministry Group and Person Assigned override fields allows you to have a person be assigned to a different person or ministry group than the rest of their household.

Click the Attendance Icon in this tab to view an attendance summary for the current year for the person you have selected, and you can click the AST icon to see the Activities, Skills and Training Classes the person is associated with.