Person Addresses Tab


The Person Addresses Tab shows the address that the person currently resides at. There are three address options that will appear in this window, Home Address, Person Away 1, and Person Away 2. The first address option, Home address, cannot be edited in this window, as it is inherited from the household that the person lives in. However, the Person away 1, and Person away 2 addresses can be used to indicate that a single person from a household is temporarily living at a different address, such as a child being away at college. 

If you use a Person away option, and you want to make it be the active address for the person you're working with, make sure to fill in the "Begin use on" and "End use on" fields to indicate when the person will be away at this address. If this is an address that will be repeated on an annual basis, such as someone going south for the winter, then click the "Repeats annually" option, and when you reach the end of the date range, the dates will automatically be updated to the next year.