Households and People


The Membership Module is based around two different types of records: Households and People. It is important to understand the differences between them and how they relate to each other.

» A Household record represents the family’s physical location and contains information that pertains to the entire family or group. This would include information such as the family’s address, the primary family phone number, or a household email address that all family members use.

» A Person record represents the actual person (as opposed to a building) and contains information that is pertinent to that particular person as an individual. This includes, but is not limited to, information such as the person’s baptism and confirmation dates, if they are a member, their cell or work phone numbers, and if they are married.

Note: If you select an item in a drop list using Enter key or the mouse, the focus will automatically jump to the next data entry field on the screen, saving you a keystroke/click.

The Household record keeps all the family members grouped together for tracking and reporting purposes. For this reason, a Household record must be created prior to the Person records being created.