Household Information Tab


The Household Information Tab of a household record contains fields that Name and describe the household, such as setting the Person Assigned and Ministry Group for that household. You can also designate a household as a "Non-Household" in this tab.

  • Household Name - This field is the name of the family. Traditionally, this will be the last name of the family or group that this household is assigned to.
  • Household Type - This field is an option field that describes what type of family the household is for. There are several different options available, and more can be added.
  • "Non-household?"- This checkbox designates if a household is considered a "Non-household". A Non-household is a household that is for a business, church or other organization than a family.
  • Person assigned to household -This is an option field where you can designate which person is assigned to this family. Typically churches use this field to designate an elder who is responsible for a family at the church
  • Ministry group for household - This is an option field where you can designate which ministry group a family is a part of