Household Records


The Household record contains several pieces of information about a family, and is a good reference to get an overview of a family. A Household Record contains several tabs, each referencing different aspects of a family. These tabs include:

  • Household Information - Basic information about the family and how it relates to your church
  • People - Shows the members of the household and a brief rundown of information about that person
  • Contact - Shows ways of getting in touch with the family, including phone numbers and email addresses
  • Address - This tab contains physical address information about the family, and has the ability to store two alternate addresses
  • Mailing Information - This tab contains fields for how the family will appear in form letters and mailing labels, and if a family is a recipient of the Church Newsletter.
  • Touchpoints - This tab shows each touchpoint a household has on their record, including touchpoints for individuals within a household
  • Other - This tab contains custom fields where you can record information that Shepherd's Staff doesn't have fields for by default.

The Household Record also includes buttons at the very top for adding a Photo (Camera Icon), Notes (Thumbtack Icon), sending an Email (Envelope Icon) or sending a text message (Smartphone Icon). You can also re-arrange the order of the different tabs by clicking the box with an up arrow or box with a down arrow near the top right of each tab to move them up or down in the order of tabs. You can also collapse or expand a tab by clicking the up arrow near the top right to collapse a tab, or the down arrow near the top right of the tab to expand it.