Worship Pattern



Worship patterns are a new concept in Shepherd’s Staff that allow you to easily analyze people’s worship habits. Most views under the Attendance tab contain either a drop-down filter for or a visual representation of the worship pattern. The drop-down filters list options for changing the view based on worship patterns that may not be displayed. These options include attending more or less than half the time, having an increase or decrease in attendance, and other criteria. The By person/week category is the only view that has a visual representation of the worship pattern.

The worship pattern is a series of numbers that contains fifty-three digits. Each digit represents the total number of events the person attended in a given week. Fifty-three weeks are displayed because in some years, there may be an extra week depending on what day the year starts. All drop-down filters are based on this series of numbers. Various formulas are then used to determine the results of the drop-down selection.



Worship patterns in reports may replace “0” with “_”.



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