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Most churches will have historical attendance data they would like to add into Shepherd’s Staff® without having to enter each event as a batch. The Year Summary view allows you to enter an entire years’ worth of attendance data at once by entering the total for the event types. When you edit a summary, you can also view the attendance averages and medians for each type of event. Notes about each year’s attendance can also be added.

Use the buttons at the bottom of the table to add, edit, copy, and delete a year summary. In addition, you can double click a row to edit that specific summary.



Year summaries are automatically created once a batch for that year is posted. Year summaries cannot be deleted unless the event summaries for that year are deleted. (You can do this by navigating to the Events tab, then to the By date table.)


Here is how to add or edit a year summary:

  1. Under the Attendance tab, select the By year
  2. Double click the row to edit the summary, or click Add at the bottom of the table to add a summary.
  3. Enter the data into the Year, Event Occurrences, Non-visitors, and Visitors
  4. Add a note if needed.
  5. Click Save once finished.



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