By Person/Event



This view displays the attendance habits of a person and breaks down the information by event. It lists when the person last attended (either the selected event or any event), the number of events attended, and other information. The view has a variety of searches and filters to narrow down the list of people. Finally, like other views, it can be saved, created into a static subgroup, and printed.



This view is for reference only and data cannot be changed. If you find a discrepancy, you will have to make the changes in the detail section and edit the attendance record.


Here is how to use the By Person/Event view:

  1. Open the Attendance module and select the By Person/Event
  2. Use the Event and Who drop-downs to narrow your search.
  3. Use the Occurrences drop-down to determine the number of events.
  4. Use the Pattern drop-down to filter out various Worship Patterns, such as the attendance percentage or an increase or decrease in attendance.



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