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The By Person/Year tab contains a summary of each person’s attendance by year. In this view, you will find information such as the total number of events each person attended, the event type that was attended, and membership data such as the ministry group, participation, and person assigned. The view has a variety of searches and filters to narrow down the list of people. Finally, like other views, it can be saved, created into a static subgroup, and printed. In the command line, you will find a View button that will bring up the attendance summary for the selected person.



This view is for reference only and data cannot be changed. If you find a discrepancy, you will have to make the changes in the detail section and edit the attendance record.


Here is how to use the By Person/Year view:

  1. Open the Attendance module and select the By Person/Year
  2. Use the Filter and Who drop-downs to narrow your search.
  3. Use the Search to narrow down people, dates, and even the worship pattern.
  4. Select View to preview the attendance summary.



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  • How do I print an attendance report for an individual? We track attendance for those students who receive tuition assistance from the church at our area parochial schools. I am to print an attendance report for each student that is then approved by our Board of Education. There is a print button, but it doesn't do anything. I must say, I am very frustrated and unhappy with this latest version of Shepherd Staff. It's much more difficult to navigate. Thank you!

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  • Hello,
    I would use the Attendance Behavior Report to generate the reports. You can set it up to generate a list for those in a specific class, person, or subgroup and have a variety of attendance behaviors like attending at least so many time.

    Clicking the print button should display a group by option box. This will allow you to select how you want the data to be displayed in a report. You will need to select one before the print preview. This may require additional support so I'm going to create a ticket and someone will assist you shortly.

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