By Person/Type



This section is the same as the By Person/Event section, except the data is broken down by event type instead of specific events. The section lists when a person last attended (either the selected event or any event), the number of events attended, and other information. The view has a variety of searches and filters to narrow down the list of people. Finally, like other views, it can be saved, created into a static subgroup, and printed.



This view is for reference only and data cannot be changed. If you find a discrepancy, you will have to make the changes in the detail section and edit the attendance record.


Here is how to use the By Person/Event view:

  1. Open the Attendance module and select the By Person/type
  2. Use the Event and Who drop-downs to narrow your search.
  3. Use the Occurrences drop-down to determine the number of events.
  4. Use the Pattern drop-down to filter out various Worship Patterns, such as the attendance percentage or an increase or decrease in attendance.



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