Batch Posting


After an offering batch has been created, either by creating the batch manually, bringing the batch in from WebTools, or importing from an external source, to get the offerings inside the batch to become offering records, the offering batch must be posted. Any offerings inside an unposted batch are not counted towards any reports, and they will not appear on contribution statements.

  1. In the Contributions Module go to Giving>Batches.
  2. Click on the offering batch that you'd like to post. This will highlight the batch in blue.
  3. Click the "Post" button at the bottom of the grid.
  4. In the window that appears, check the "Create an Attendance batch for this event:" checkbox if you would like the posting of this offering batch to create a batch in the Attendance module for the event you select in the drop down box, on the date of the batch, with the people who you posted offerings for.
  5. Check the "Create a deposit in Finance for this date:" checkbox if you want the posting of this batch to create a deposit in the finance module for the date you choose in the date box to the right of the checkbox. The total that is being posted in each fund will be posted to a deposit in the corresponding accounts, according to what has been selected in the contribution funds.
  6. You can verify the Contributor Count, Offering count and the total amount given in the bottom part of this window.
  7. If you'd like to print out a batch report, click the "Print" button before posting. This will prepare a batch detail report that shows each offering for each giver.
  8. Click the "Post" button to confirm the posting of your batch.