View the Person Archive


The Person Archive is where you can see any person you have deleted from the individual grid. This view gives you the opportunity to review who these people are, and if needed restore them back to your records, or permanently delete them. If you intend to permanently delete anyone from this view, it is strongly recommended that you make a backup first, as you will otherwise not be able to recover the person who was deleted.

Note: In order to delete people from the Individual grid, the person record in question must not have any attendance records or an envelope attached. If they do, you'll first need to remove these records from this person.

After you make your backup,

  • Go into Membership
  • Go to the Tools/Settings Tab
  • Select "View the person archive" option in the Tools menu, and then click "Start"


This will open the archive view, where you can see each record that has been placed in the archive. You'll be able to either restore or purge the records from here by using the "Restore" or "Purge" buttons at the bottom left corner of the window.  The Restore option will bring the record back into your person records and will restore that record to the household they were in prior to being archived, with all their information intact. The Purge option will totally delete the person record from Shepherd's Staff. Deleted person records cannot be recovered without restoring a backup. You will also be able to export a list of all the archived records to Excel using the "Export" button or print a listing of the records using the "Print" button.